United Kingdom - London

Alesia Zeta for "Brides Magazine"

I'm happy to share with you that we were featured in Condé Nast BRIDES  - VOGUE division in the occasion of the upcoming wedding season and the fashion trends discussed after the Royal wedding.  "Alesia Zeta" (her hand painted "Desire" ring)  and more than other 20 international designers were handpicked to showcase their creations and new trends in luxury jewelry to a vast public in UK and abroad.  Have a nice read and descover new :)

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Italy - Milan

European Jewelry Trends in 2018 - "CHIBIMART"

Recently I had a chance to visit International Show in Milan - Chibimart - dedicated to jewelry and accessories, one of the most specialized exhibitions in its sector. Needless to say it was an honor to give a more detailed look at the tendencies around the world and mostly Europe.

So... What's interesting? :) I would identify the new trend in accessories as "Caring about the nature and inspired by it” (both in terms of materials used and technics).

More and more European brands now shift from using traditional metals and stones towards something more unconventional and savvy: natural leaves (www.esterbijoux.com), fabrics, recycled wood (www.ecosjewel.com) and animal bones from our meat diet, like cows (www.id-afrika.com). Nothing goes waisted! 

Alongside with the materials the approach is inevitably different - recycling. It’s definitely the next step in jewelry making philosophy since this sector for centuries has been extremely lavish and consumeristic. One may even identify it as "going back to roots", but for sure sophisticated with the most modern tools and technologies available.

This all mentioned above inevitably reflects in esthetic look and deeper meaning - very creative, bold (sometimes even loud), curated in all details and most important meaningful. It looks like every artisan and the piece he/she makes want to evoke our attention towards much more thoughtful approach for the nature, want to  stand out with some story and centuries' old crafting traditions... 

United Kingdom - London

Alesia Zeta for "Crowning jewels"

I'm very happy to announce that our brand was selected for Condé Nast BRIDES. Among other international designers "Alesia Zeta" was showcased to a huge public in UK, especially interested in fine jewelry and bride's accessories. Have a nice read and discover new :)

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NYFW (S/S 2018) Jewelry trends

Jewelry travels back to another epoch... but in a contemporary style.

Here we go with some update from NYFW spring/summer 2018 and Capsuleshow.  As you can imagine my focus was mostly on jewelry trends and I honestly was surprised! I hope I can surprise you too :) These are some highlights :

1. Well... Minimalism is stepping back a bit this time . Even more - don't be afraid to experiment and go even "Baroque" !

2. Big geometric shapes are trendy!

3. Asymmetric balance rules . The hit is a single earring or mismatched ones.

4. Materials tend to be savvy (plastic, resin , leather and raw semi precious stones) 

5. Shells and pearls have been seen A LOT! 

6.  If you are not a fun of jewelry - removable colorful tattoo  - is a great option too (spotted on Taoray Wang collection -video bellow). 

7. Broaches and statement necklaces are back.

Overall it looks like designers give us some space to be creative and loud but thoughtful and sophisticated at the same time. At times I felt I was admiring a museum exhibit from the Baroque epoch, but also something very contemporary in its realization and message. A mix of nostalgic feelings for antique and a very pronounced desire of self expression !

Poland - Legnica

Legnica Jewellery Festival

I'm happy to announce that we are chosen to showcase at Legnica Jewellery festival , 27th April - 11th June 2017. This exhibition presents works submitted for "Amber Trip" competition.


(Credit for this picture to its owner)

Lithuania - Vilnus

Amber Trip - International Jewelry Show - Nature Morte in Jewelry

I love challenges and decided to participate alongside with other international designers in this jewelry trip... The whole contest was initiated by Michael Petry (director of MOCA, London) and regards relatively unexplored subject in jewelry - Nature Morte. I chose food  - indulgent, vital and reach in symbolism. This necklace is called "EGGcentric". Please, wish me luck ;)

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USA - New York

Alesia Zeta for the NuWa - online media outlet

I was really honored today to have a chat with this beautiful, yang and very ambitious curator of female talents all over the world , or "globetrotters" :) Her publications have been recognized and featured both in NY ("West Village" ambassador) and in China ("Marie Clare China"). It was not a surprise she preferred my extravagant yet graceful necklace "Flamingo" ... I hope our roads will cross again as talking to her was very inspiring. The interview link is attached below.


USA - New York

"Feed your senses" show

Happy to share with you some pics from my show in West Village, NY. Here I've introduced more materials and ideas to my approach. In this collection my paintings are on metal versus mini-canvases and are embellished with gold, silver and semi-precious stones. 

INVITE March v2.jpg